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22 Commits (47a210788a8f14b93acc8dc97ee166e7c7e12a99)

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Volker Birk ec95d6eae6 implant pEp::Adapter::messageToSend 3 years ago
Volker Birk b6cc45acf3 Windoze logger (tested) 3 years ago
Volker Birk b93ed4c6b7 Windoze support for default filename 3 years ago
Roker 3590c9604e compile-time removal of certain (possibly long) debug log messages in stream format via new macro DEBUG_LOG() 3 years ago
Roker 9bb80e2fab add more debug log :-/ 3 years ago
Roker 36c632702e make Logger's thread_id() function accessable by other modules 3 years ago
Claudio Luck 11e5298f1e On Win32 there is no alloca header 5 years ago
Claudio Luck c81eb22934 cast _alloca's void pointer to char * and ensure we talk about size in bytes 5 years ago
Claudio Luck 61046e68fa logger for windows: merge heads 5 years ago
Roker f216d45d36 make MSVC happier: no syslog on Win32, no variable-length arrays in C++ mode (it is a C99 feature) 5 years ago
Roker 65f1bcbd37 remove timeval, it is not used. Fix issure with _WIN32. Untested. 5 years ago
Claudio Luck a2db128c7f include <alloca> only on windows, re-add template for JsonAdapter 5 years ago
Claudio Luck aef8508347 various fixes for Windows 5 years ago
Roker 48c26f5ca3 do the log to file & close the logfile on shutdown. 5 years ago
Roker 4254e659b5 implement wrapping/folding of overlong lines, incl. keeping UTF-8 sequences intact, marking the wrap with special signs and all that things. :-) 5 years ago
Roker 67e2ccf17e configurable clip and wrap lengths 5 years ago
Roker 30d05ca606 Multilinegelöt 5 years ago
Lars Rohwedder e433afeedf only create logfile when target == File 5 years ago
Lars Rohwedder 2f2466a8ca Less segfaults. More run. 5 years ago
Lars Rohwedder 67fb168d2e let's Logger::Stream working again. :-) 5 years ago
Roker 49225e318c will support multiline again. 5 years ago
Roker 3b0f931384 add good-old Logger class. 5 years ago