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Roker 654917b214 make create_random_token() public, so it can be used to create a random session ID 3 years ago
Roker 333e40cd52 menno... 3 years ago
Roker c9c684ff3d use per_user_directory() on WIN32 and UNIX 3 years ago
Jorg Knobloch 28a0b06b33 JSON-142: Use engine's per_user_directory() function to determine storage location for json-token (Windows part). 3 years ago
Roker 549a512732 rename all "pep" in file names etc. into "pEp" as required by pEp branding rules. 4 years ago
Roker ee6bf3083a Change location of server token file. breaking API change, so API_VERSION=0x0003. version="(31) Altenkleusheim" (variante Nord) 6 years ago
Roker 94e77f8d73 implment token filename stuff for WIN32. UNTESTED! 6 years ago
Roker 7d69dada1e separate platform-dependent and -independent code 6 years ago
Roker 00c1d1856a #ifdef _WIN32 switch for get_token_filename() and daemonize() 7 years ago
Roker ace0b324ac fix typo 7 years ago
Roker 9bdd7ec717 add remove_token_file(); 7 years ago
Roker 9aae29119d uniform_int_distribution's c'tor arguments describe a closed interval. That's why sizeof-2! 7 years ago
Roker abe9c5deab do not ignore return value of write() 7 years ago
Roker de410a8125 security token is now part of the JsonAdapter class. new version "(14) Köln-Gremberg" 7 years ago
Krista Grothoff ad045a5693 fixed debug messages - also the non-ascii symbol fix 7 years ago
Roker b77b838dad Version "(12) Kreuz Köln-Süd": Support for attachments 7 years ago
Lars Rohwedder fa9d95e9e6 add security_token to HTML & JavaScript 7 years ago
Lars Rohwedder 66b8158496 add functions do deal with security token files 7 years ago