51 Commits (e4b5ce885062bea27c5a13a0f81cb61d719c9455)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Damiano Boppart e4b5ce8850 Fix Makefile again 4 years ago
  Damiano Boppart da28cd0c45 Fix Makefile 4 years ago
  Damiano Boppart c6c415fd16 Fix -MM compiler call 4 years ago
  Damiano Boppart 6c70a9beeb First attempt at gtest in Makefile without hardcoding paths 4 years ago
  Lars Rohwedder e08510fc84 use gtest_main instead of own main() function. that allowes several unit test source files linked together easily 5 years ago
  Lars Rohwedder 4702391e34 add unit test using Googletest framework. Works only on Debian for now. Please generalize the Makefile!!! 5 years ago
  Volker Birk c0aaabc7bd one dependency extra for lazy people like me 5 years ago
  Damiano Boppart 531ef4bc1e Do not hardcode prereq. names of target all 5 years ago
  Damiano Boppart a183933d75 LDLIBS comes after object files when linking (required by newer GCC versions) 5 years ago
  Damiano Boppart b9a9b2fdfc clean removes *.d 5 years ago
  Damiano Boppart ed38ab06bf Add dependency generation for cpp files as well 5 years ago
  Damiano Boppart a16f696ff0 Make run target use the right library path for *.a 5 years ago
  Damiano Boppart ddad7e04ab Fix CMD_PFX 5 years ago
  Damiano Boppart ed524d9bdd Fix self-references in make variables 5 years ago
  Damiano Boppart 44880dedc9 Fix self-referencing variable 5 years ago
  Damiano Boppart 76895bf63d More refactoring that needs testing 5 years ago
  Damiano Boppart 2f3261193a Fix install target 5 years ago
  Damiano Boppart 05662c52f7 Shuffle around compiler flags until everything works again 5 years ago
  Damiano Boppart 2b19793e61 First attempt at clean-up, needs testing 5 years ago
  Damiano Boppart 600aba908a Clean-up before refactor 5 years ago
  Roker 06351e15fc strange... "echo -e" no longer works, but simple "echo" behaves like it and interprets backslash sequences. Very strange... 5 years ago
  Damiano Boppart b1d1238514 Move out configurable variables from Makefile to Makefile.conf. Add license information 5 years ago
  Damiano Boppart c8f25887f9 Fix problem finding libasn1 at compile-time 5 years ago
  Roker 84b1534ffe add make target "install" 5 years ago
  Roker 4ff37b3bbb remove redundancies in Makefile 5 years ago
  Roker a859796dd0 add HTML_DIRECTORY to Makefile & C++ code 5 years ago
  Roker c93cba8833 add slurp() function from pEpEngine's test code. 5 years ago
  Damiano Boppart cd66a7dc86 Fix Makefile and update build instructions for macOS 5 years ago
  Roker 8a74086b30 JSON-18 #comment Add function getGpgEnvironment() that returns an object with 3 optional strings (which each might be null). 6 years ago
  Roker 4f3d91a629 JSON-16 renamed "mt-server" into "psp-json-server" 6 years ago
  Roker 5b00c07c4a fix teh Makefile. 6 years ago
  Roker 51cecd4e2b move the slow-compiling json-sprit files in the Makefile to front, so they are compiled first which speed-up compilation time 6 years ago
  Roker e529c79edc add servertest program that tests the locked_queue with many parallel threads 6 years ago
  Roker 49b6f05a2c make the JSON parser thread-safe! needs -lboost_thread now. :-o 6 years ago
  Roker f67af7b2ce add daemonize() function. Needs to be platform-dependent. :-/ 6 years ago
  Roker a303d12b2c add Nulllogger to suppress console output. 6 years ago
  Roker 57806f6160 #JSON-14 ealways escape _all_ ASCII control characters (inc. NUL) in JSON strings 6 years ago
  Roker 3a138e06d6 new version "(16) Kreuz Köln Ost": #close JSON-12. remove dependency to awkward boost.archive for base64. 6 years ago
  Roker abe9c5deab do not ignore return value of write() 6 years ago
  Roker 0430d3a703 JSON-6 implement interface changes minimally, so it compiles at least. 6 years ago
  Roker 0072632a88 add generator script for NFC character properties 6 years ago
  Roker cc9dfc3b7f make a static library 6 years ago
  Roker fdce91a2a4 on the go… 6 years ago
  Roker c9a700b51c add a new "main" module 6 years ago
  Roker a12adf3c44 remove /home/deb/ from Makefile 6 years ago
  Dirk Zimmermann 41fe31bd41 Ability to build on OS X, server is runnable. 6 years ago
  Dirk Zimmermann 6d3f19a2be Building on OS X: Initial documentation 6 years ago
  Krista Grothoff bb4342130d Oops. Committed local paths. Reverted. 6 years ago
  Krista Grothoff ad045a5693 fixed debug messages - also the non-ascii symbol fix 6 years ago
  Roker b77b838dad Version "(12) Kreuz Köln-Süd": Support for attachments 6 years ago