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// Copyright John W. Wilkinson 2007 - 2014
// Distributed under the MIT License, see accompanying file LICENSE.txt
// json spirit version 4.08
#if defined(_MSC_VER) && (_MSC_VER >= 1020)
# pragma once
namespace json_spirit
enum Output_options{ none = 0, // default options
pretty_print = 0x01, // Add whitespace to format the output nicely.
raw_utf8 = 0x02, // This prevents non-printable characters from being escapted using "\uNNNN" notation.
// Note, this is an extension to the JSON standard. It disables the escaping of
// non-printable characters allowing UTF-8 sequences held in 8 bit char strings
// to pass through unaltered.
remove_trailing_zeros = 0x04,
// no longer used kept for backwards compatibility
single_line_arrays = 0x08,
// pretty printing except that arrays printed on single lines unless they contain
// composite elements, i.e. objects or arrays
always_escape_nonascii = 0x10,
// all unicode wide characters are escaped, i.e. outputed as "\uXXXX", even if they are
// printable under the current locale, ascii printable chars are not escaped