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ENGINE_INC = ../../pEpEngine/src
ENGINE_SRC = ../../pEpEngine/src
all: pep-hotfix
pep-hotfix: $(ENGINE_SRC)/platform_unix.c $(ENGINE_SRC)/stringlist.c main.c
$(CC) -I. -I$(ENGINE_INC) -o pep-hotfix $^
test: pep-hotfix
@rm -rf gnupg/ ; mkdir gnupg ; cp gpg.conf.broken gnupg/gpg.conf
@head gnupg/gpg.conf
@echo ==================================================
@GNUPGHOME=gnupg ./pep-hotfix
@echo ==================================================
-@diff -Naur gpg.conf.broken gnupg/gpg.conf
@head -n30 gnupg/gpg.conf.* /dev/null
@GNUPGHOME=gnupg gpg --gpgconf-test