p≡p JSON adapter
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Function reference for the p≡p JSON Server Adapter. Version “(34) Erndtebrück”, API version 0.12.0

Output parameters are denoted by a , InOut parameters are denoted by a after the parameter type.

Message API

Function name Return Type Parameters
MIME_encrypt_message PEP_STATUS String, Integer, StringList, String⇑, PEP_enc_format, Integer
MIME_decrypt_message PEP_STATUS String, Integer, String⇑, StringList⇑, PEP_rating⇑, Integer⇑
startKeySync Void
stopKeySync Void
startKeyserverLookup Void
stopKeyserverLookup Void
encrypt_message PEP_STATUS Message, StringList, Message⇑, PEP_enc_format, Integer
decrypt_message PEP_STATUS Message, Message⇑, StringList⇑, PEP_rating⇑, Integer⇑
outgoing_message_rating PEP_STATUS Message, PEP_rating⇑
identity_rating PEP_STATUS Identity, PEP_rating⇑

pEp Engine Core API

Function name Return Type Parameters
get_trustwords PEP_STATUS Identity, Identity, Language, String⇑, Integer⇑, Bool
get_languagelist PEP_STATUS String⇑
is_pep_user PEP_STATUS Identity, Bool⇑
config_passive_mode Void Bool
config_unencrypted_subject Void Bool

Identity Management API

Function name Return Type Parameters
get_identity PEP_STATUS String, String, Identity⇑
set_identity PEP_STATUS Identity
mark_as_comprimized PEP_STATUS String
identity_rating PEP_STATUS Identity, PEP_rating⇑
outgoing_message_rating PEP_STATUS Message, PEP_rating⇑
set_identity_flags PEP_STATUS Identity⇕, Integer
unset_identity_flags PEP_STATUS Identity⇕, Integer

Low level Key Management API

Function name Return Type Parameters
generate_keypair PEP_STATUS Identity⇕
delete_keypair PEP_STATUS String
import_key PEP_STATUS String, Integer, IdentityList⇑
export_key PEP_STATUS String, String⇑, Integer⇑
find_keys PEP_STATUS String, StringList⇑
get_trust PEP_STATUS Identity⇕
own_key_is_listed PEP_STATUS String, Bool⇑
own_identities_retrieve PEP_STATUS IdentityList⇑
set_own_key PEP_STATUS Identity⇕, String
undo_last_mistrust PEP_STATUS
myself PEP_STATUS Identity⇕
update_identity PEP_STATUS Identity⇕
trust_personal_key PEP_STATUS Identity
key_mistrusted PEP_STATUS Identity
key_reset_trust PEP_STATUS Identity
least_trust PEP_STATUS String, PEP_comm_type⇑
get_key_rating PEP_STATUS String, PEP_comm_type⇑
renew_key PEP_STATUS String, Timestamp
revoke PEP_STATUS String, String
key_expired PEP_STATUS String, Integer, Bool⇑

from blacklist.h & OpenPGP_compat.h

Function name Return Type Parameters
blacklist_add PEP_STATUS String
blacklist_delete PEP_STATUS String
blacklist_is_listed PEP_STATUS String, Bool⇑
blacklist_retrieve PEP_STATUS StringList⇑
OpenPGP_list_keyinfo PEP_STATUS String, StringPairList⇑

Event Listener & Results

Function name Return Type Parameters
registerEventListener Void String, Integer, String
unregisterEventListener Void String, Integer, String
deliverHandshakeResult PEP_STATUS Identity, PEP_sync_handshake_result


Function name Return Type Parameters
serverVersion ServerVersion
version String
getGpgEnvironment GpgEnvironment
shutdown Void