149 Commits (86ad35b9b6d26eb9371807d7d972bc5eaa9b12f0)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  David Alarcon 86ad35b9b6 MOS-11 Change menu title to 'p≡p updates'. Change menu item title to 'Check for Updates'. Change menu item title to 'Keep software up to date'. 2 years ago
  David Alarcon 9be7483f4d MOS-8 Rename menuitems properties. 2 years ago
  David Alarcon 10bb50ead0 MOS-8 Split to extensions. Create PEPNotification. Refactor. 2 years ago
  David Alarcon 4ebf75f450 MOS-8 Change pEpMacOSAdapterProtocol to PEPMacOSAdapterProtocol. 2 years ago
  David Alarcon f2526acf04 MOS-8 Change pEpNotificationProtocol to PEPNotificationProtocol. 2 years ago
  David Alarcon 834b007d9c MOS-8 Create DownloadStateNotifier, which is responsible to show state messages in statusText menu item. 2 years ago
  David Alarcon 9b3009ba68 MOS-8 Split applicationDidFinishLaunching to private functions to improve readability. 2 years ago
  David Alarcon d1cca20c76 MOS-8 Delete @objc and add private to removeDeliveredNotifications. 2 years ago
  David Alarcon e3ec623e1a MOS-8 localizedStringWithFormat to String. 2 years ago
  David Alarcon 2c63a787e7 MOS-8 Add guard when needed. Change else statements to right place. 2 years ago
  David Alarcon 5c79bd96b8 MOS-8 Add lazy to connection and related changes. 2 years ago
  David Alarcon 3fe9e3d05d MOS-8 Remove ! from clientListener and related changes. 2 years ago
  David Alarcon 6997f3cba4 MOS-8 Remove ! from service and related changes. 2 years ago
  David Alarcon 6cafde7357 MOS-8 Remove ! from connection and related changes. 2 years ago
  David Alarcon 010c19c394 MOS-8 Delete self when not needed. Move comments for removeDeliveredNotifications. 2 years ago
  David Alarcon a89d0d8603 MOS-8 Delete all previous product notifications before sending a new one. 2 years ago
  Andreas Buff 55f05fa641 uses download client repo again. Donwloadclient will be used by other products too (future linux & Windows updater) 2 years ago
  Andreas Buff 552d19969e readme wroks again 2 years ago
  Andreas Buff 4a4775a731 explicitly used static libs 2 years ago
  Andreas Buff 9536bfecf4 next try 2 years ago
  Andreas Buff bef3d46d15 fixes: Project settings not inherited 2 years ago
  Andreas Buff 5335e8bb66 try to force usage of static libs 2 years ago
  Andreas Buff 3bbe3f065c rm regex.a from adapter target, it's not required 2 years ago
  Andreas Buff be08b3e806 uses static libs 2 years ago
  Andreas Buff f6687d4234 update to recommended settings 2 years ago
  Andreas Buff 81ba669d3e adds downloadclient scheme 2 years ago
  Andreas Buff 23ee42de09 updates readme to use workspace 2 years ago
  Andreas Buff b379e0191e XPC target renamed to actually used name. 2 years ago
  Andreas Buff 54f27d4022 rm none compiling test code 2 years ago
  Andreas Buff 8a356bde6a add working "All" scheme that builds fine 2 years ago
  Andreas Buff 8fc16cd698 fixes_ downloadclient doesnt build due to absolute search path 2 years ago
  Andreas Buff 9a63dc82f0 clean repo 2 years ago
  Andreas Buff 8a054dcee7 start workspace 2 years ago
  Andreas Buff 44e04a5cc2 fixes: deployment target is 10.15 2 years ago
  Andreas Buff a6fe77d62f fixes: forgot to set alswaysShow default back to false 2 years ago
  Andreas Buff 68bd8dfd5e fixes: Get-Task-Allow included in release Entitlements 2 years ago
  Andreas Buff 4370ad7291 adds post build script to copy pEpUpdates.app for pEp4TB 2 years ago
  Andreas Buff 97d1115c42 always show menu for debug 2 years ago
  Andreas Buff 04f7557d00 sets signing team to pEp Security SA team 2 years ago
  Volker Birk 0ba1f6e8c9 use /tmp and not user's Downloads dir 2 years ago
  Andreas Buff 2288317cb0 Xcode project: use pEp Security team for signing 2 years ago
  Volker Birk a6879dfa58 start helper app 2 years ago
  Volker Birk fc926ee8a1 languages 2 years ago
  Volker Birk c42a23e856 project state 2 years ago
  Volker Birk 745cdb8e52 build instructions 2 years ago
  Volker Birk 98e324419a link to protocol description 2 years ago
  Volker Birk da5abfe94b subscribe 2 years ago
  Volker Birk 3eb0fdd9ec remove menu extra on demand 2 years ago
  Volker Birk fd1444b451 nicer text 2 years ago
  Volker Birk ac62cf52e3 don't always show this menu 2 years ago