269 Commits (c506bc32dde4114f055c1d4abf5a4dd7302770a0)

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  David Alarcon c506bc32dd APPLEMAIL-51 Add pEpObjCAdapter and related projects to workspace. 1 year ago
  David Alarcon 8e69e2f17d APPLEMAIL-51 Add PEPObjCAdapterXPCService project. 1 year ago
  David Alarcon b6a6bc6bb7 APPLEMAIL-51 Rename Submodules to Subprojects. Fix schemas and search paths. 1 year ago
  David Alarcon a70f049d72 Fix scheme. 1 year ago
  Andreas Buff 61a331820c Fixes: Undefined Symbols caused by ObjC Foundation stuff not bridged to Swift. 1 year ago
  Andreas Buff 41364ee06f Adds missing dependencies to scheme 1 year ago
  David Alarcon 27c5887b74 Fix modulemap ignored. 1 year ago
  Andreas Buff 7bb8b6b7b9 fixes: impossible to build following this readme 1 year ago
  David Alarcon 3bf5db4bdb MOS-20 Force to main queue the uninstallMenuExtra function. Modified manually, not cherry-pick. 1 year ago
  David Alarcon e59db7cc57 MOS-20 Force uninstallMenuExtra function runs on main thread. 1 year ago
  David Alarcon 8f201f6257 MOS-20 Force notify to run at main queue. 1 year ago
  David Alarcon bc28acfd5b Merge branch 'APPLEMAIL-33' 1 year ago
  pEp Translators 57cd0d541f
Update translation files 1 year ago
  David Alarcon 028fe7e4ea Merge branch 'translations' 1 year ago
  David Alarcon faac635f69 Merge branch 'Release_2.1' into translations 1 year ago
  David Alarcon c7792646d2 Revert "Update translation files" 1 year ago
  David Alarcon 02e0c52035 APPLEMAIL-33 Update service plist. 1 year ago
  David Alarcon afd054a587 APPLEMAIL-33 Modify some class and method documentation. 1 year ago
  David Alarcon d07296d2f4 APPLEMAIL-33 Add how to use PEPUpdatesXPCService module in Swift projects. 1 year ago
  David Alarcon d551a8aee5 APPLEMAIL-33 Add documentation to PEPNotificationXPCServiceDelegate. 1 year ago
  David Alarcon fdae50d6c5 APPLEMAIL-33 Add documentation to PEPNotificationXPCClientService. Rename some properties. 1 year ago
  David Alarcon 472538ce8f APPLEMAIL-33 Add documentation to PEPNotificationXPCApiProtocol. Change name to UpdateDownloadStatus. 1 year ago
  David Alarcon d4634a9d6a APPLEMAIL-33 Change documentation to PEPUpdateDownloader. Set to private unnecessary public properties. 1 year ago
  David Alarcon 9bec806d64 APPLEMAIL-33 Add documentation to PEPUpdateDownloadXPCService. Add needed projects to pEpMacOSAdapter scheme. 1 year ago
  David Alarcon 719696199a APPLEMAIL-33 Add documentation to PEPUpdateDownloadXPCClientService. 1 year ago
  David Alarcon 9087e907f7 APPLEMAIL-33 Add documentation to PEPUpdateDownloadXPCApiProtocol 1 year ago
  David Alarcon 958180059b APPLEMAIL-33 Delete unneeded implmentation part of PEPUpdatesXPCService umbrella. Change [self init] to [super init] when NSAssert is present. 1 year ago
  David Alarcon 31bc955ef6 APPLEMAIL-33 Add typedef to NS_CLOSE_ENUM. Refactor name to xpcListenerEndpoint in PEPNotificationXPCService. 1 year ago
  David Alarcon d2445d03ae APPLEMAIL-33 Use NS_CLOSE_ENUM in PEPNotificationXPCApiProtocol. Add NSAssert in default init methods. 1 year ago
  David Alarcon 3eb0c3b944 APPLEMAIL-33 Rename client services names in PEPUpdatesXPCService. 1 year ago
  David Alarcon 755bef2add APPLEMAIL-33 Refactor some function names. 1 year ago
  David Alarcon 1c3166541d APPLEMAIL-33 Add PEPNotificationXPCService to PEPUpdatesApp. Modify some literals in PEPUpdatesApp. Delete unused code. 1 year ago
  David Alarcon a9403e9f86 APPLEMAIL-33 Add PEPUpdateDownloadApiClientService to PEPUpdatesApp. Create enpoint property in PEPNotificationXPCService. 1 year ago
  David Alarcon 88796906e8 APPLEMAIL-33 PEPUpdatesXPCService module is used by PEPUpdatesApp. 1 year ago
  David Alarcon 2c5b42cb0b APPLEMAIL-33 Change some build config entries to PEPUpdatesApp. Add modulename to PEPUpdatesXPCService. 1 year ago
  David Alarcon f598edabc8 APPLEMAIL-33 Clean main.m of unused code. Delete old folder PEPMacOSAdapterXPCService. 1 year ago
  David Alarcon edcb1d51c6 APPLEMAIL-33 Refactor PEPUpdatesXPCService. Add PEPNotificationXPCService. Delete unused code in pEpMacOSAdapter. 1 year ago
  David Alarcon 9718556d94 APPLEMAIL-33 Rename pEpNotifications to PEPUpdatesApp. Create PEPUpdatesXPCService. Add PEPUpdateDownloadXPCService and PEPNotificationXPCService services. 1 year ago
  David Alarcon 1862e67437 Merge branch 'Release_2.1' 1 year ago
  David Alarcon 7f0e5c2122 Merge branch 'MACOSINST-23' into Release_2.1 1 year ago
  David Alarcon 3b7819433a APPLEMAIL-33 No link with pEpObjCAdapter anymore. Refactor services structure. Add PEPObjCAdapterXPCService static library. 1 year ago
  David Alarcon e86cb6f5a4 APPLEMAIL-33 Refactor some files. Refactor some code to prepare for code review. 1 year ago
  David Alarcon 9894ac5c7c MACOSINST-23 Change yml2 repository from hg to git in README.md. 1 year ago
  David Alarcon 627d77e2a1 MACOSINST-23 Change downloadclient repository from hg to git in README.md. 1 year ago
  David Alarcon e666bb8d01 Merge branch 'Release_2.1' 1 year ago
  David Alarcon 71af24a8e4 APPLEMAIL-33 Use PEPIdentity in protocol in xpc connection. 1 year ago
  David Alarcon 169b825a2d APPLEMAIL-33 Add myself method in xpc interface (input as nsstring and output as PEPObjCAdapterXpcApiResult). Add pEpObjCAdapter static libraries to pEpMacOSAdapter. Call PEPSession from pEpObjcAdapter. 1 year ago
  David Alarcon b2453148ab APPLEMAIL-33 Add new pep objc adapter interface. Disable pep updates xpc interface. 1 year ago
  David Alarcon f080af1c50 Merge branch 'MOS-13' 2 years ago
  David Alarcon 0c265752f4 Merge branch 'MOS-13' into Release_2.1 2 years ago