pEp macOS Desktop adapter
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p≡p macOS Desktop adapter

This adapter will sport three main features:

  • p≡p API via Apple XPC (not yet implemented)
  • p≡p API via p≡p JSON adapter (still provided by miniadapter)
  • p≡p Update Client


PER_MACHINE_DIRECTORY="/Library/Application Support/pEp"

This software is supporting macOS 10.8 and later.


  • Build scheme "All" of pEpMacOSAdapter.xcworkspace


The implementation is split in to parts:

  1. the working code is in pEpMacOSAdapter; the implementation is in Objective C
  2. the User Interface is in pEpNotifications; the implementation is in Swift

pEpMacOSAdapterProtocol, implemented with XPC

see pEpMacOSAdapterProtocol.h

This protocol is provided to the User Interface to get informed when a download was happening. When a subscription is active updateNow() can be used to search for immediate updates.