2177 Commits (83c7b1d7a418de489081ff936a17949eebd6e913)

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  Andreas Buff 83c7b1d7a4 cleanup 12 months ago
  Andreas Buff 4ddce5b225 fixes: wrong MARK 12 months ago
  Andreas Buff 34968fa2cd IOS-2656 fixes: crash on startup in Release build 12 months ago
  Dirk Zimmermann ba48b2b113 Merge branch 'IOS-2651' into 1.1.250 12 months ago
  Dirk Zimmermann ae887c8956 IOS-2651 No need for mercurial anymore 12 months ago
  Dirk Zimmermann 5211739c76 IOS-2651 Move pEpObjCAdapter to git 12 months ago
  Dirk Zimmermann 23cff3bd97 IOS-2651 Move yml2 to git 12 months ago
  Andreas Buff 2afcb6d148 fixes: ObjCAdapter_iOS scheme does not built toolbox (and thus fails to build). Thx davida 12 months ago
  David Alarcon 25b3211fee Merge branch 'IOSAD-191' into 1.1.250 12 months ago
  David Alarcon e210580b87 Merge branch '1.1.250' into IOSAD-191 12 months ago
  David Alarcon 8c5e3e5732 IOSAD-191 Delete PEPObjCAdapterTypesTests_macOS target. 1 year ago
  David Alarcon 674235538e IOSAD-191 Move pEpMessageWithAllFieldsFilled to PEPTypesTestUtil. 1 year ago
  David Alarcon 92b7589ec3 IOSAD-191 Move pEpLanguageWithAllFieldsFilled to PEPTypesTestUtil. 1 year ago
  Andreas Buff e9f5fc56f0 updates readme to use GIT Engine repo 1 year ago
  Dirk Zimmermann 44926456dc IOS-2628 0 attachments 1 year ago
  Dirk Zimmermann 54b85076ef IOS-2628 Deal with "no attachment" 1 year ago
  Dirk Zimmermann c4a83b23ca IOS-2628 Workaround empty bloblist 1 year ago
  Dirk Zimmermann 391e9b2bc5 IOS-2628 Test for 0-length attachments 1 year ago
  Dirk Zimmermann febde2a826 IOS-2628 Test for attachments in self-encrypt 1 year ago
  David Alarcon a6fc71362b IOSAD-191 Small refactor for code review. 1 year ago
  David Alarcon d6bae409f3 IOSAD-191 Delete PEPMessageTest and PEPAttachmentTests. Add PEPMessage+SecureCodingTest tests. Delete some unused code. some refactor. 1 year ago
  David Alarcon 6bac5407e3 IOSAD-191 Delete PEPAttachmentTest. 1 year ago
  David Alarcon ecb30736de IOSAD-191 Add PEPAttachment_SecureCodingTest tests. 1 year ago
  David Alarcon 4e58c33fb1 IOSAD-191 Delete PEPLanguageTest and PEPLanguageTests. Add PEPLanguage+SecureCodingTest tests. 1 year ago
  David Alarcon 38eadbc6b6 IOSAD-191 Delete PEPIdentityTest. 1 year ago
  David Alarcon 5547809a4d IOSAD-191 Create PEPTypesTestUtil. Add PEPIdentity+SecureCodingTest tests. 1 year ago
  Andreas Buff fd5246f2e9 IOSAD-186 updates readme 1 year ago
  David Alarcon 8be1e71ce2 IOSAD-191 Refactor some code. 1 year ago
  David Alarcon 831425185e IOSAD-191 Delete some unnecessary code. Refactor. 1 year ago
  David Alarcon b13a7c7d60 IOSAD-191 Reorganize PEPObjCAdapterTypesTests test files. 1 year ago
  David Alarcon f30da345e5 IOSAD-191 Add PEPMessage iOS tests. 1 year ago
  David Alarcon 041644965c IOSAD-191 Add PEPAttachment iOS tests. 1 year ago
  David Alarcon a5848e21f0 IOSAD-191 Add PEPLanguage iOS tests. Delete PEPObjCAdapterTypesTests_iOS file. 1 year ago
  David Alarcon 2dfa69c5fe IOSAD-191 Add PEPIdentity iOS tests. 1 year ago
  David Alarcon 1689cd4d53 IOSAD-191 Add PEPObjCAdapterTypesTests_iOS target. 1 year ago
  Andreas Buff 19a143881f IOSAD-186 fixes: crashes at runtime under iOS12 using [NSObjcect new] (alloc init worked, crazy) 1 year ago
  Andreas Buff 13b38b39f9 IOSAD-186 rm scheme for framework that does not exist any more 1 year ago
  Andreas Buff aba369718b IOSAD-186 rm needless import 1 year ago
  Andreas Buff a1a2126cb2 IOSAD-186 fixes: session always NULL due to system.db not found 1 year ago
  Andreas Buff d506f6083a IOSAD-186 adds fogotten files to pEp4iOS target 1 year ago
  Andreas Buff 12b093d39e IOSAD-186 rm needless import 1 year ago
  Andreas Buff 0aacf676c9 IOSAD-186 renames Sample App 1 year ago
  Andreas Buff 1d59f09d9e IOSAD-186 used old sample app 1 year ago
  Andreas Buff fe89b0d8d2 Revert "IOSAD-186 cleanup" 1 year ago
  Andreas Buff a79903c1bc IOSAD-186 cleanup 1 year ago
  Andreas Buff e624d755f2 IOSAD-186 adds more complex test case to sample app (to reproduce linking problems with code from ewxtensions) 1 year ago
  Andreas Buff 6d8998d451 IOSAD-186 fixes: extentions not linked usoing static lib. Fixed by adding -objc LF to clients build settings 1 year ago
  Andreas Buff 63c29e8400 IOSAD-186 adds certain files have not been added to the pEpObjCAdapter_iOS target. 1 year ago
  buff cfccde6084 IOSAD-186 conditional code for macOS and iOS (tmp for testing linking all targets) 1 year ago
  buff 7ec6213a43 IOSAD-186 test target builds 1 year ago