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Dirk Zimmermann 35539ca100 IOS-2328 Docs for stringFromRating 3 years ago
Info.plist IOS-1480 Create correctly named adapter framework. 4 years ago
NSDictionary+CommType.h IOS-1480 Avoid framework imports. 4 years ago
NSNumber+PEPRating.h IOS-1480 Avoid framework imports. 4 years ago
PEPAttachment.h IOS-1575 Deciding for Nullability. 4 years ago
PEPConstants.h IOSAD-177 Remove unused (and undefined) constant 3 years ago
PEPConstants.m IOSAD-164 Add flags to dictionary enumeration 3 years ago
PEPEngineTypes.h IOS-2328 PEP_rating_unencrypted_for_some is no more 3 years ago
PEPIdentity.h IOSAD-168 an identity is invalid without a user_id 3 years ago
PEPLanguage.h IOS-1480 Publish PEPLanguage. 4 years ago
PEPMessage.h IOSAD-180 NS_ASSUME_NONNULL_BEGIN 3 years ago
PEPNotifyHandshakeDelegate.h IOSAD-172 Treat notifyHandshake partner as nullable 3 years ago
PEPObjCAdapter.h IOSAD-177 Implement setPassphraseProvider 3 years ago
PEPObjCAdapterFramework.h IOSAD-178 Export PEPAsyncSession.h is the framework 3 years ago
PEPSendMessageDelegate.h IOSAD-114 Docs for PEPSendMessageDelegate. 4 years ago
PEPSession.h IOS-1480 Publish PEPSession. 4 years ago
PEPSessionProtocol.h IOS-2328 Docs for stringFromRating 3 years ago
PEPSync.h IOSAD-177 Remove PEPSync.restartIfRunning 3 years ago
PEPTypes.h IOSAD-172 Make adapter errors shareable 3 years ago