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// PEPPassphraseUtil.h
// pEpObjCAdapterTests
// Created by Dirk Zimmermann on 06.08.20.
// Copyright © 2020 p≡p. All rights reserved.
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
#import "pEpEngine.h"
#import "PEPEngineTypes.h"
@interface PEPPassphraseUtil : NSObject
/// Gets the currently cached passwords,
/// and executes the given block after setting each password in turn
/// until it returns something else other than PEP_PASSPHRASE_REQUIRED
/// or PEP_WRONG_PASSPHRASE, or there are no passwords anymore.
/// @param block The status-returning block to execute against different passwords
+ (PEPStatus)runWithPasswordsSession:(PEP_SESSION)session
block:(PEP_STATUS (^)(PEP_SESSION session))block;