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Dirk Zimmermann 1829dfb2d4 IOSAD-92 merge in default 5 years ago
Recources IOSAD-76 unsuitable key 5 years ago
TestUtils IOSAD-91 PEPAttachment.initWithData 5 years ago
Info.plist IOSAD-15 iOSTests* -> pEpObjCTests 6 years ago
PEPMessageUtilTest.m IOS-898 adds tests 5 years ago
PEPSessionProviderTest.m IOSAD-55 adds PEPSessionProviderTest 5 years ago
PEPSessionTest.m IOSAD-92 merge in default 5 years ago
PEPSyncTest.m IOSAD-55 cleans tests 5 years ago
PepTests.m IOSAD-72 languageListWithError 5 years ago