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// PEPSession.h
// pEpiOSAdapter
// Created by Volker Birk on 08.07.15.
// Copyright (c) 2015 p≡p. All rights reserved.
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
#import "PEPiOSAdapter.h"
#import "objc/MCObjC.h"
@interface PEPSession : NSObject
// creates a PEPSession
// there must be one PEPSession per thread
+ (PEPSession *)session;
// decrypt a message
- (PEP_color)decryptMessage:(MCOAbstractMessage *)src dest:(MCOAbstractMessage *)dst keys:(NSArray **)keys;
// encrypt a message
- (void)encryptMessage:(MCOAbstractMessage *)src extra:(NSArray *)keys dest:(MCOAbstractMessage *)dst;
// message is to be sent
- (PEP_color)outgoingMessageColor:(MCOAbstractMessage *)msg;
// get trustwords for a fingerprint
- (NSArray *)trustwords:(NSString *)fpr forLanguage:(NSString *)languageID shortened:(BOOL)shortened;
An identity is a NSMutableDictionary mapping a field name as NSString to different values.
An identity can have the following fields (all other keys are ignored).
It is not necessary to supply all fields; missing fields are supplemented by p≡p engine.
@"username": real name or nick name (if pseudonymous) of identity
@"address": URI or SMTP address
@"user_id": persistent unique ID for identity
@"lang": preferred languageID for communication with this ID (default: @"en")
@"fpr": fingerprint of key to use for communication with this ID
@"comm_type": communication type code (usually not needed)
@"me": YES if this is an identity of our user, NO if it is one of a communication partner (default: NO)
As an example:
User has a mailbox. The mail address is "Dipul Khatri <>". Then this would be:
NSMutableDictionary *ident = [NSMutableDictionary dictionaryWithObjectsAndKeys:
@"Dipul Khatri", @"username", @"", @"address",
@"23", @"user_id", nil];
// supply an account used by our user himself
// the identity is supplemented with the missing parts
- (void)mySelf:(NSMutableDictionary *)identity;
// supplement missing information for an arbitrary identity (used for communication partners)
- (void)updateIdentity:(NSMutableDictionary *)identity;