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David Alarcon e210580b87 Merge branch '1.1.250' into IOSAD-191
* 1.1.250: (43 commits)
  updates readme to use GIT Engine repo
  IOS-2628 0 attachments
  IOS-2628 Deal with "no attachment"
  IOS-2628 Workaround empty bloblist
  IOS-2628 Test for 0-length attachments
  IOS-2628 Test for attachments in self-encrypt
  IOSAD-186 updates readme
  IOSAD-186 fixes: crashes at runtime under iOS12 using [NSObjcect new] (alloc init worked, crazy)
  IOSAD-186 rm scheme for framework that does not exist any more
  IOSAD-186 rm needless import
  IOSAD-186 fixes: session always NULL due to system.db not found
  IOSAD-186 adds fogotten files to pEp4iOS target
  IOSAD-186 rm needless import
  IOSAD-186 renames Sample App
  IOSAD-186 used old sample app
  Revert "IOSAD-186 cleanup"
  IOSAD-186 cleanup
  IOSAD-186 adds more complex test case to sample app (to reproduce linking problems with code from ewxtensions)
  IOSAD-186 fixes: extentions not linked usoing static lib. Fixed by adding -objc LF to clients build settings
  IOSAD-186 adds certain files have not been added to the pEpObjCAdapter_iOS target.
2 years ago
PublicHeaders Merge branch '1.1.250' into IOSAD-191 2 years ago
src IOSAD-191 Refactor some code. 2 years ago