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// pEpiOSAdapter.h
// pEpiOSAdapter
// Created by Volker Birk on 28.04.15.
// Copyright (c) 2015 p≡p. All rights reserved.
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
#import <PEPObjCAdapterFramework/PEPPassphraseProviderProtocol.h>
@class PEPLanguage;
@interface PEPObjCAdapter : NSObject
#pragma mark - Configuration
Sets Engine config for unecryptedSubjectEnabled to the given value on all Sessions created by
this adapter.
@param enabled Whether or not mail subjects should be encrypted
+ (void)setUnEncryptedSubjectEnabled:(BOOL)enabled;
Enable or disable passive mode for all sessions.
+ (void)setPassiveModeEnabled:(BOOL)enabled;
/// Sets a passphrase (with a maximum of 250 code points) for
/// (own) secret keys generated from now on.
/// A `nil` password means disable own passwords for future keys,
/// which is the default.
/// The password will be kept in memory until overwritten by another,
/// which includes `nil`. It will be set or unset to _each_ session,
/// similar to other configurable options in the adapter.
/// @Throws PEPAdapterErrorPassphraseTooLong (with a domain of PEPObjCAdapterErrorDomain)
+ (BOOL)configurePassphraseForNewKeys:(NSString * _Nullable)passphrase
error:(NSError * _Nullable * _Nullable)error;
/// Sets a passphrase provider.
/// @note The reference is strong, so the caller can relinquish ownership if needed.
+ (void)setPassphraseProvider:(id<PEPPassphraseProviderProtocol> _Nullable)passphraseProvider;
#pragma mark -
The HOME URL, where all pEp related files will be stored.
+ (NSURL *)homeURL;
+ (void)setupTrustWordsDB;
+ (void)setupTrustWordsDB:(NSBundle *)rootBundle;
The directory where pEp stores user-specific data.
@return An NSString denoting the directory where user-specific data gets stored by the engine.
+ (NSString *)perUserDirectoryString;
The directory where pEp stores data for all users on this machine.
@return An NSString denoting the directory where global data (for all users of this machine
or device) gets stored by the engine.
+ (NSString *)perMachineDirectoryString;