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Dirk Zimmermann c5aa284900
merge default
2 years ago
Recources IOS-1673 Remove failing tests that rely on old unarchiving to work 2 years ago
TestUtils merge default 2 years ago
Info.plist IOSAD-15 iOSTests* -> pEpObjCTests 6 years ago
PEPInternalSessionTest.m IOSAD-12 Trigger empty attachments check in tests 2 years ago
PEPPassphraseCacheTest.m IOSAD-172 Passphrase cache itself doesn't deal with empty password 3 years ago
PEPSessionProviderTest.m IOSAD-181 Back out: Don't use [PEPSession cleanup] 2 years ago
PEPSessionTest.m IOS-1673 Let the file name match the class name 2 years ago
PEPSizeTest.m IOS-1614 Test for leveling enum sizes between adapter, engine. 4 years ago
PepTests.m IOSAD-181 Make async the default 2 years ago