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// MCOAbstractMessage+PEPMessage.h
// pEpiOSAdapter
// Created by Volker Birk on 09.07.15.
// Copyright (c) 2015 p≡p. All rights reserved.
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
#include "message_api.h"
NSArray * _Nonnull PEP_arrayFromStringlist(stringlist_t * _Nonnull sl);
stringlist_t * _Nullable PEP_arrayToStringlist(NSArray * _Nullable array);
pEp_identity * _Nullable PEP_identityDictToStruct(NSDictionary * _Nullable dict);
NSDictionary * _Nonnull PEP_identityDictFromStruct(pEp_identity * _Nullable ident);
message * _Nullable PEP_messageDictToStruct(NSDictionary * _Nullable dict);
NSDictionary * _Nonnull PEP_messageDictFromStruct(message * _Nullable msg);
#pragma mark -- Constants
/** The name of the user */
extern NSString *const _Nonnull kPepUsername;
/** Email address of the contact */
extern NSString *const _Nonnull kPepAddress;
A user ID, used by pEp to map multiple identities to a single user.
This should be a stable ID (e.g. derived from the address book if possible).
pEp identities set up with mySelf() get a special user ID.
extern NSString *const _Nonnull kPepUserID;
/** The fingerprint for the key for this contact. */
extern NSString *const _Nonnull kPepFingerprint;
/** NSNumber denoting a boolean, true if that identity was setup with mySelf() */
extern NSString *const _Nonnull kPepIsMe;
/** In an email, the identity this email is from */
extern NSString *const _Nonnull kPepFrom;
/** In an email, the `NSArray` of to recipients */
extern NSString *const _Nonnull kPepTo;
/** In an email, the `NSArray` of CC recipients */
extern NSString *const _Nonnull kPepCC;
/** In an email, the `NSArray` of BCC recipients */
extern NSString *const _Nonnull kPepBCC;
/** The subject of an email */
extern NSString *const _Nonnull kPepShortMessage;
/** The text message of an email */
extern NSString *const _Nonnull kPepLongMessage;
/** HTML message part, if any */
extern NSString *const _Nonnull kPepLongMessageFormatted;
/** NSNumber denoting a boolean. True if that message is supposed to be sent. */
extern NSString *const _Nonnull kPepOutgoing;
/** Sent date of the message (NSDate) */
extern NSString *const _Nonnull kPepSent;
/** Received date of the message (NSDate) */
extern NSString *const _Nonnull kPepReceived;
/** The message ID */
extern NSString *const _Nonnull kPepID;
extern NSString *const _Nonnull kPepReceivedBy;
extern NSString *const _Nonnull kPepReplyTo;
extern NSString *const _Nonnull kPepInReplyTo;
extern NSString *const _Nonnull kPepReferences;
extern NSString *const _Nonnull kPepKeywords;
extern NSString *const _Nonnull kPepOptFields;
/** NSArray of attachment dicts */
extern NSString *const _Nonnull kPepAttachments;
/** The binary NSData representing the content of an attachment */
extern NSString *const _Nonnull kPepMimeData;
/** The NSString filename of an attachment, if any */
extern NSString *const _Nonnull kPepMimeFilename;
/** The mime type of an attachment */
extern NSString *const _Nonnull kPepMimeType;
/** The content ID of an attachment */
extern NSString *const _Nonnull kPepContentID;
/** The pEp internal communication type */
extern NSString *const _Nonnull kPepCommType;
/** The raw message created by pEp (NSData) */
extern NSString *const _Nonnull kPepRawMessage;
/** NSError parameters will use this domain */
extern NSString *const _Nonnull PEPSessionErrorDomain;
/** Optional field "X-pEp-Version" */
extern NSString *const _Nonnull kXpEpVersion;
/** Optional field "X-EncStatus" */
extern NSString *const _Nonnull kXEncStatus;
/** Optional field "X-KeyList" */
extern NSString *const _Nonnull kXKeylist;