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// PEPIOSAdapter+Internal.h
// pEpiOSAdapter
// Created by Edouard Tisserant on 11/11/15.
// Copyright © 2015 p≡p. All rights reserved.
#ifndef PEPIOSAdapter_Internal_h
#define PEPIOSAdapter_Internal_h
#import "PEPQueue.h"
#import "PEPInternalSession.h"
#import "PEPPassphraseProviderProtocol.h"
@interface PEPObjCAdapter ()
unecryptedSubjectEnabled value to use for all sessions created.
@return Whether or not mail subjects should be encrypted
+ (BOOL)unEncryptedSubjectEnabled;
@note That global value is used for all new sessions
@return The current status of passive mode (enabled or not)
+ (BOOL)passiveModeEnabled;
/// The passphrase to be used for new own keys, can be `nil`.
+ (NSString * _Nullable)passphraseForNewKeys;
/// Get the currently set passphrase provider.
+ (id<PEPPassphraseProviderProtocol> _Nullable)passphraseProvider;
#endif /* PEPIOSAdapter_Internal_h */