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heck 73666d8437 Mutli-threading support for native libs calling python code added 2 years ago
heck 7eef5f9605 .hgignore local.conf 2 years ago
heck ae364de4cf Adjust build etc. for MacOS 2 years ago
heck 57cec46a75 Add Makefile.conf / local.conf.example (like we have it in pEpEngine, libpEpAdapter, pEpJNIAdapter) 2 years ago
heck 47a0fb5cc1 include guards, replace #pragma once, make sure license headers, minor formatting 2 years ago
heck 1cf31e4687 Add Makefile targets: devenv, envtest 2 years ago
heck 74dcc6f7a7 test test start/stop sync, default/user callback impl. of pEp.message_to_send() 2 years ago
heck c18746e4ec remove local locked_queue.hh 2 years ago
heck 24e13adfe1 sync/message_to_send() callback impl in python and using libpEpAdapter / add pEp.start_sync() 2 years ago
heck 3d42d9a7d5 remove unnecessary namespace identifier pEp:: 2 years ago
heck 50ebe60221 Includes/namespace/using cleanup 2 years ago
heck 07d2130bf0 hybrid C++/Python package / Add Makefile 2 years ago
heck 7ee3d324ee remove usage of local adapter.hh/locked_queue.hh / use session() from libpEpAdapter 2 years ago
heck 60715b61d4 Added tag Release_2.1.0-RC0 for changeset 671d9e268e71 3 years ago
Hartmut Goebel 5eb7a3f975 Add example for simple XML based message format. 3 years ago
heck d5e1316c86 This is the new default branch 3 years ago
heck 99978b8152 Add Identity.key_mistrusted() 3 years ago
heck efbf1f270e Test for key_mistrusted() 3 years ago
heck 4903e37714 Add export option --secret-keys to utils/pEp 3 years ago
heck 8da45b4e96 Test for export_secret_key() 3 years ago
heck 42a59cbd01 Add feature export_secret_key(Identity) 3 years ago
heck 21b49bcf08 Add pEp --export address [filename] 3 years ago
heck 7256e87f93 Test for export_key(Identity) 3 years ago
heck f9b7d61d79 Added feature export_key(Identity) 3 years ago
heck 6efc9ae952 Just update 3 years ago
heck 89f9c96e90 Add test/data/keys containing Alice and Bob pub/sec keysfiles. (for import/export tests) 3 years ago
heck 47913909df Why not make all executable python scripts executable using: 3 years ago
heck 360a81f1d7 This did not seem to work on MacOs and Linux 3 years ago
heck 25c977ff57 Update tests to work with the new and shiny ENUM names (359:12f3d59c25de, "nice enums") 3 years ago
heck 7c8ce9448c now integrated into 3 years ago
Volker Birk ee8c159657 nice enums 3 years ago
heck d409cfacb5 Complete overhaul of, build and install instructions 3 years ago
Volker Birk 92113d3eb3 removing uname, because this is breaking Windows builds 3 years ago
heck 9bb419c96b Merge of branch PYADPT-55 (Expose enum _PEP_color) 3 years ago
heck 6f1ef00d58 Linux build, fix 32Bit compat (not kidding) 3 years ago
heck 8f93104ebe Identity.color now returns PEP_color instead of int 3 years ago
heck b3b725fc2e Add Test for equal resolution of colors using int (OLD) vs using PEP_color (NEW) 3 years ago
heck 40ac9a7360 PYADPT-55 Expose enum _PEP_color 3 years ago
Volker Birk dcbbbca020 random timing for minimail 3 years ago
heck 75c7da3d80 Fix Mac OS build 3 years ago
heck bd6f20a71f Fix Linux Build 3 years ago
heck 73dd45c92e PYADPT-54: Add codec for distribution protocol (keyreset) / adding test/ 3 years ago
heck 69ad1f61ca Totally untested and "mutmassliche" implementation of distribution codec 3 years ago
Volker Birk 63664c52ea make _inject_sync_event using flag_sync_enabled 3 years ago
Volker Birk 5546df57a4 merging 3 years ago
Volker Birk 1c9eeb93f6 shutdown sync for single threaded script 3 years ago
Krista 'DarthMama' Bennett dcc4f75b14 not having a decoder shouldn't be a fatal error. 3 years ago
Volker Birk 892cc86396 adding leave_device_group() test case 3 years ago
Volker Birk aa112c0569 some docu 3 years ago
Volker Birk a082bc35a0 enable_identity_for_sync() and disable_identity_for_sync() 3 years ago