p≡p for Python
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#pragma once
#include <boost/python.hpp>
#include <pEp/message.h>
#include <string>
#include <list>
#include <vector>
#include <iterator>
#include "str_attr.hh"
namespace pEp {
namespace PythonAdapter {
using namespace utility;
using namespace boost::python;
// Message is owning a message struct
class Message {
message *_msg;
// Blob is owning a bloblist_t struct
class Blob {
bloblist_t *_bl;
bool part_of_chain;
Blob(bloblist_t *bl = new_bloblist(NULL, 0, NULL, NULL));
Blob(object data);
Blob(const Blob& second);
string mime_type() { return _bl ? str_attr(_bl->mime_type) : ""; }
void mime_type(string value) { str_attr(_bl->mime_type, value); }
string filename() { return str_attr(_bl->filename); }
void filename(string value) { str_attr(_bl->filename, value); }
size_t size() { return _bl->size; }
static PyBufferProcs bp;
static int getbuffer(PyObject *self, Py_buffer *view, int flags);
Message(PEP_msg_direction dir = PEP_dir_outgoing);
Message(const Message& second);
Message(message *ident);
operator message *();
void attach(message *ident);
message *detach();
PEP_msg_direction dir() { return _msg->dir; }
void dir(PEP_msg_direction value) { _msg->dir = value; }
string id() { return str_attr(_msg->id); }
void id(string value) { str_attr(_msg->id, value); }
string shortmsg() { return str_attr(_msg->shortmsg); }
void shortmsg(string value) { str_attr(_msg->shortmsg, value); }
string longmsg() { return str_attr(_msg->longmsg); }
void longmsg(string value) { str_attr(_msg->longmsg, value); }
string longmsg_formatted() { return str_attr(_msg->longmsg_formatted); }
void longmsg_formatted(string value) { str_attr(_msg->longmsg_formatted, value); }
bloblist_t *attachments;
char *rawmsg_ref;
size_t rawmsg_size;
timestamp *sent;
timestamp *recv;
pEp_identity *from;
identity_list *to;
pEp_identity *recv_by;
identity_list *cc;
identity_list *bcc;
identity_list *reply_to;
stringlist_t *in_reply_to;
struct _message *refering_msg_ref;
stringlist_t *references;
struct _message_ref_list *refered_by;
stringlist_t *keywords;
char *comments;
stringpair_list_t *opt_fields;
PEP_enc_format enc_format;