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#pragma once
#include <mutex>
#include <string>
#include <unordered_map>
#include <thread>
#include <boost/asio/ip/tcp.hpp>
#include <boost/regex.hpp>
#include <boost/beast/http.hpp>
namespace pEp {
namespace beast = boost::beast;
namespace http = beast::http;
namespace net = boost::asio;
using tcp = boost::asio::ip::tcp;
// class Webserver
// when an URL handler is present it is called for each matching URL
// otherwise this server is searching for static files in doc_root
// only registered file types and no subdirectories are served for
// static files
// to deliver 404 return nullptr from handler
// this server is supporting GET for static files and POST for handlers
class Webserver {
typedef boost::regex url_t;
typedef http::request< http::string_body > request;
typedef http::response< http::string_body > response;
typedef std::function< response(boost::cmatch, const request&) > handler_t;
struct Handling {
boost::regex regex;
handler_t handler;
net::io_context _ioc;
tcp::acceptor _acceptor;
std::string _doc_root;
std::unordered_map< std::string, Handling > _urls;
handler_t _generic_handler;
unsigned short _port;
bool _running;
std::mutex _mtx;
std::thread _runner;
// if doc_root is empty, don't deliver arbitrary files.
Webserver(net::ip::address addr, unsigned short port, const std::string& doc_root = "");
Webserver(const Webserver&) = delete;
Webserver& operator=(const Webserver&) = delete;
virtual ~Webserver() = default;
int port() const noexcept { return _port; }
void add_url_handler (const std::string& url_regex, handler_t handler);
void remove_url_handler(const std::string& url_regex);
// the generic handler will be called if the URL does not match any registered handlers
void add_generic_url_handler (handler_t handler);
void remove_generic_url_handler();
void run();
void shutdown();
static beast::string_view mime_type(beast::string_view path);
response create_status_response(const request& req, http::status status);
static Webserver* probing_port_range(net::ip::address addr,
unsigned short start, unsigned short end, unsigned short&
port, const std::string& doc_root = "");
static void runner(Webserver *me);
void deliver_status(tcp::socket *socket, const request& req, http::status status);
void deliver_file (tcp::socket *socket, const request& req);
handler_t find_handler(const request& req, boost::cmatch& m);
// called at the beginning of a connection thread. Do nothing by default.
virtual void thread_init() {}
// called at the beginning of a connection thread. Do nothing by default.
virtual void thread_done() {}
// is called by run(), in a separate thread.
void do_session(tcp::socket *socket);