p≡p Foundation
C++ 0 1

a simple multithreaded webserver

Updated 7 months ago

An improved fork of NetBSD's OpenPGP implementation; maintained by the p≡p foundation.

Updated 7 months ago

p≡p JSON adapter

Updated 4 weeks ago

C++ 0 2

p≡p MIME library

Updated 4 weeks ago

Python 0 2

pEp MixMailer prototype. See aditional documentation at https://mixmailer_docs.codeberg.page/ (source: https://gitea.pep.foundation/pEp.foundation/mixmailer_docs). See slides at gitea.pep.foundation/pEp.foundation/mixmailer_slides

Updated 5 months ago

libetpan - fdik

Updated 1 month ago

p≡p for Python

Updated 3 weeks ago

p≡p for Java

Updated 3 days ago

Import data from Enigmail to pEp for Thunderbird

Updated 4 months ago

C++11 library providing functionality common to all adapters.

Updated 5 days ago

p≡p engine - CI/CD: https://pep-security.lu/gitlab/cid/mirrors/pepengine/-/pipelines

Updated 16 hours ago