a simple multithreaded webserver
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Volker Birk 7fe168545c build-windows 2 years ago
build-windows build-windows 2 years ago
htdocs even more weird 2 years ago
.gitignore no auto conversion to std::string() 2 years ago
LICENSE Initial commit 2 years ago
Makefile add -fvisibility=hidden, because boost seems to be compiled with this flag, too. At least on my MacOS. 2 years ago
README.md link to sample 2 years ago
test_webserver.cc response is no longer a pointer. 2 years ago
webserver.cc on Windows we have net::error::connection_reset 2 years ago
webserver.hh Use 'response' instead of 'response*' and rely on NRVO. Errors in url_handler are signalled as exceptions and returned as status code 500 internal_server_error to client. 2 years ago



a simple multithreaded webserver

for usage see this sample