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* some documentation updates: link build instructions from .
v3.2.0-RC22 2023-02-01
* New API function PEP_STATUS_is_error.

@ -30,7 +30,8 @@ The p≡p Engine is written in C99 and is expected to run on any platform that c
Selected non-SUS platforms are supported as well (such as Microsoft Windows).
# How can I use the p≡p Engine?
Build instructions can be found in the "doc/" subfolder in this repository.
The official build instructions can be found at the URL
The p≡p Engine is not meant to be used in application code directly.
Instead, the p≡p Engine is meant to be used in conjunction with a so-called "adapter".
An adapter provides an API in a programming language that best accomodates developers in their respective software development ecosystem.